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Access controls

The need for Access controls only starts when people need a highly secured door. Regular keys are clumsy, hard to keep track and difficult to account for it. It's expensive and problematic if lost or stolen. The keys could be duplicated by staff without permission.

Access controls can solve the issues listed above, and it can be more beneficial for you.

With access controls, you are the key master. You can easily add and remove authority for staff members for the certain doors, from the comfort of your computer at any time.

You monitor staff movements and working hours with access control. You can also know exactly when your staff members enter and leave designated areas. The logs of staff movements are available live and in 24/7 recall format.

You can also limit access time for certain doors.

The cost of implementing an access control system mainly depends on:

  • Number of doors 
  • Number of staff 
  • The type of access control (card, password, fingerprint)
  • Building structure and Cabling difficulty and length

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