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Having a quality entertainment system is becoming a key and essential need when building a good home.

Home theatre

Home theatre and entertainment are an integral part of everyday living. We are witnessing the transformation may be due to the price drop in theatre quality electronics and or the need for quality entertainment within in this fast moving schedule to relax.

We put our expertise to design your home theatre and select gadgets to suit your exact need and budget. Our services are flexible. For customers who require a custom design can acquire specific model numbers when shopping for gadgets.

We use the customer’s builders and contractors to build their home theatre according to our interior design. This method is the most preferred, popular and cost effective way for new home builders. We will manage the home theatre project and buy electronics and do complete the installation.

Please refer our PUSH control page under automation section, about automating or consolidating your home theatre devices and more.

Home theatre

Video / IR and Audio Multi-Room Distribution

Having a proper Video/IR Distribution System allows you to distribute an audiovisual source to multiple rooms, Ensuring everyone enjoys their favourite TV Show in the comfort of their room all at the same time! Gone are the days of setting multiple devices and clumsy cabinet arrangements in every room. With this unique system, all your relevant cables are stored away in a single room allowing you to only worry about your TV Entertainment Programs. You can enquire today and find out on how we can install this useful technology in your home!

Infrared controls are distributed throughout the house and customers can control their devices in the home theatre from their bedrooms or their backyard.

We also do customers video / IR Distribution with, RF Modulators and or Video matrix.

Audio distribution

We provide installation of speakers in the ceiling and controllers on the wall to choose your preferred audio from six different sources. You can specifically choose to have music playing outside in the backyard or throughout the house. All six music sources will be kept in a central location at the home theatre. Customers need to buy only one type of audio source to play from anywhere, and it does not need to carry the audio disk or other. Imagine all of the CD or hard drive in one place and no need to search every room for to play your favorite songs. We carry Russound product and refer below link.

Audio distribution Keaypad