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Why Automation

Many people think Automation is just a fancy product. But it is not when you deal with a capable designer and integrator.

Below are few scenarios to show how we could integrate security and Audio Visual devices with automation to work seamlessly together to make your house modern and enhanced: Your home will be safer and More energy efficient.

You can easily verify from office than speculate “Did I arm my home alarm?" Did the children leave all the blinds open or leave the lights on? Who will water the garden while I am on holidays? There won't be any complaints or reluctance to use the home theatre by other family members without your help. Automation enhances and simplifies your everyday life.

Scenario One

While you are peacefully sleeping in your house, intruders managed to enter downstairs. Our alarm system with partial arm facility during night time will trigger noise to alert you and scare the intruder. Our automation system gets signals from the alarm panel and checks the time, and if it is during the night, then it automatically switches on the all the lights.

Scenario two

Your children are the last ones to leave home, and they have left all the lights on. From your office, you can check the home alarm status on your phone and ARM it. The alarm then sends the signals to the automation system, which switches off the unnecessary devices as per program and CLOSE all your motorised window blinds.

Scenario three

Your partner/children may not know which remote to use or how input to select to play a movie in your home theatre room and always look to you for help.

With one touch of your IPad will switch-on, DVD player, Amplifier and the Projector. It will automatically choose proper HDMI input and output for the movie. Your partner/children can adjust the volume and control the home theatre lights from the iPad, and there is no need to speculate about which remote to chose, only the pad.

Our automation products


Dynalite Hardwired complete automation solution from Phillips.

With your Dynalite project, we do the electrical design for you and then give you the documents for electrical work. We will also manage whole electrical and automation project. We can handle the entire project or your electrician can.

Dynalite service we provide:

  • On-site programming of Dynalite systems
  • Testing and commissioning of Dynalite installations
  • Troubleshooting Dynalite system faults
  • Dynalite hardware and software upgrades
  • Ongoing maintenance of Dynalite systems


Honeywell Tuxedo

Honeywell Tuxedo is the cost-effective essential automation system for every customer. Tuxedo is a wireless retrofit system, and we can easily install it for your new or already built home.

Tuxedo Touch W Home Armed RMD

Push controls

Home theatre and entertainment are an integral part of every-day living. We are witnessing the transformation may be due to the price drop in theatre quality electronics and or the need for quality entertainment within in this fast moving schedule to relax.

Modern home theatre with multiple devices, Projector, A/V receiver, Amplifier, Blu-Ray, IP-TV, Radio, brings complexity for day to day usage. And then you have to deal with more remotes than you can handle. You need to remember which input to you need to select to operate Blu-Ray or IP TV and which output to chose TV rather than the projector.

The PUSH Controls system injects harmony into this chaotic technological revolution, by streamlining everything to work at the PUSH of a button. Give simplicity a PUSH.

Push controls