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Your greatest assets are your family and your home. With our expertise, we can give you the practical and useful advice to protect your family and home.

Our security solutions work for your home or your business. We can cater for all type of homes from apartment blocks to mansion and all forms of business space from small shops to a massive multi-location industry. Wherever you live or work, your security needs can be met with our help.

Burglar Alarm and Back to base 24hour monitoring

Burglars are less likely to target a well-secured place with alarm and CCTV. They naturally want buildings and locations that are easily accessible. Our alarm system with visible signs and external strobes (lights) will deter them from even thinking about it. ................................. Adding CCTV camera and linked with back to base 24hour patrol group will always make your home and loved ones feel fully protected even when you are not at home.

Installing the Alarm or CCTV camera is not just about attaching cables in each corner. When it comes to experienced designers like us, we will first discuss with you to analyse the available options (angles and positions) to secure your property with a minimal number of sensors or cameras to reduce unnecessary cost. We will look for optimal location not just for the sensors and cameras but also for the keypad, main alarm panel, video recorder and cabling path.

Then we will choose the type of alarm sensors or camera with a suitable lens and many other properties to that will best fit your home or business.

We carry almost every reputed Australian brands. Just asks to see if we can provide you with your preferred brand.

Burglar Alarm and Back to base 24hour monitoring

CCTV Camera system

The statistic shows that the common purchasers of security cameras are those who have already experienced some break in, suspicious movements or have heard about a home invasion of a neighbour or friend.

Most people believe it will never happen to them. But the simple truth is that we have no way of knowing. The ideal option is to be prepared to deter any unfortunate events.

When it comes to your business, the benefits are countless;

  • Identify delay and time wasting
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Resolve customer quarrels
  • Customer flow work scheduling & rostering
  • Unsafe and incorrect procedures by worker
  • Safety of staff
  • Control business from a phone.
  • Run more than one business comfortably with a remote view.
  • Protect property

When it comes to school Eazeo Camera H272 FR

  • Protect students, staff and buildings
  • Explain and evident for an event.
  • Monitor activity of cleaners and workers after school
  • Deter bullying